Education Field Experience

Students must have completed EDUC 105/EDEC 105 with a grade of B or better to be eligible.

In order to be placed in an approved education setting, you are required to attend an orientation meeting which will last approximately one hour. Students who do not attend one of these mandatory meetings will not be allowed to participate in the Field Observation (EDUC/EDEC 199).

Fall 2024 Orientation Dates/Times via ZOOM: 

Tuesday, April 2, @ 12:00pm 

Monday, April 8, @ @ 3:00pm 

Tuesday, April 23, @ 1:00pm  

Tuesday, May 7, @ 12:00pm 

Tuesday, May 21, @ 12:00pm

Wednesday, June 19, @ 11:00 am – Final Orientation for Fall 2024


  • Completion of EDUC/EDEC 105 (Introduction to Education) with a grade of B or better (we recommend that you complete EDUC 217 before you take Education Field Observation).
  • Attendance at a mandatory orientation session (eligible students will be notified via Brookdale email)
  • Enroll in the EDUC/EDEC 199 Canvas course (eligible students will receive an invitation to join the course).

Fall 2023 E-Portfolio Seminar 

All EDUC/EDEC 199 students are required to attend one mandatory e-portfolio seminar hosted by the education faculty advisors.  The e-portfolio process will be introduced and any other questions on building the e-portfolio.

Before attending a session, please make sure to read over your student handbook for clarity of what needs to be included in your final journal. Extra copies are online in your EDUC/EDEC 199 fall23 CANVAS course shell.

Students will be able to complete the following tasks at the session:

  • Create a EDUC or EDEC 199 e-portfolio
  • Learn about the field experience process for uploading themed essays to the e-portfolio
  • Learn how to send the e-portfolio link to their assigned faculty advisor
  • Ask questions and gain clarity about the 199 experience now that they are placed and completing the 199 observation.

E-portfolio  Seminar Dates/Times via ZOOM & In-Person

Thursday, November 16, 1:30PM-2:30PM ( In-person) 

Wednesday, November 15, (9:00AM-10:00AM( via zoom)  

Wednesday, November 15, 4:00PM-5:00PM (via zoom)  

Please refer to your email and/or Canvas for location and zoom details.


Student Field Observation Hours Log

Student Field Observation Evaluation