Resume Guide

One of the best ways to start writing your resume is to think big picture about your experiences.  Often, when starting a resume, you will want to start writing the final draft on your first try.  Instead, reflect on the areas listed below and jot down some quick notes.

Education: Think recent. Most employers want to see information about your college education – not high school. If you are a freshman, high school information can be used, however, college information is definitely the preference. We recommend focusing on your college experiences as frequently as possible.   College is a time to reinvent yourself and seek out new opportunities for experience.  All too often 1st year college students rely on high school information to fill their resume.

Activities: List your hobbies, clubs or groups you belong to, sports, religious and school activities, organized groups, community involvement, and volunteer activities.  Don’t have many activities?  Look for volunteer opportunities on Handshake and join a Brookdale club or organization or Student Employment opportunity.

Work Experience: List all of your job experiences-paid or unpaid-with a list of all the things you did while working at each one. Think about details. Under each job, list your job responsibilities and skills that were needed. If available, incorporate sentences from the actual job description.  We will work on how to write a resume bullet, or as we say, accomplishment statement later. Remember, we are thinking big picture right now. Don’t worry about resume length at this point.

Once you have your notes, we can help you set up your resume and cover letter and showcase your experience! We offer resume writing workshops, resume drop-in sessions and one-on-one appointments.

Be sure to stop by the Career Center in MAC 105 and ask for a copy of the Resume Quick Guide to assist with your resume development. You can also find the Resume Quick Guide by joining the Career Center Canvas shell and access to additional career development resources.

If you are writing a resume for the first time, or would like help updating your resume, please email to make an appointment.

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