Volunteering & Service Learning

Ready to volunteer?

Review the sites below to learn more information about what duties a volunteer would be responsible for, as well as what hours they have available. Remember, the list below are just some of the places Brookdale students have voluntereed with!

American Red Cross

Brookdale Cares Volunteer Service 

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore  

Jersey Cares

Monmouth County Resource Net

Monmouth County SPCA

United Way of Monmouth and Ocean County

Volunteer Centers of New Jersey

What is Service-Learning?

The Service-Learning program gives you the opportunity to use knowledge gained in the classroom in a community service project. Service-Learning joins your academic study and community service so that you can learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences. As a result, study takes on a new relevance and intellectual challenge.

The program has many roles. It can be:

  • An option for meeting course objectives.
  • A connection to addressing community needs.
  • A career-related work experience.
  • A “hands-on” practical learning experience to course materials.


While helping others as part of a learning experience, you and community members also derive significant practical benefits from taking part in Service-Learning. You are able to explore career possibility and work with people in various settings, which allows you to develop lifelong and relevant problem-solving skills.


  • Reflect on you own background and culture in relation to others.
  • Gain competence through the practice of social and technical skills.
  • Increase independence by learning to manage study.
  • Reflect co-curricular experiences on college transcript.


When involved in a Service-Learning project, you generally give at least 20 volunteer hours over the course of a term. The hours and time frame are flexible and determined jointly with instructors.

In conjunction with your instructor, you will:

  • Shape the direction of your study.
  • Determine what work will be done.
  • Form a criterion for evaluation.


Please click the link below to submit your Service-Learning experience to our department. You will receive Service-Learning recognition on your transcript as SVLR-999.


For more information, please contact our office at career@brookdalecc.edu, P: 732-224-2792 or visit us in MAC 105.

“My experience as a service-learning student has been meaningful, because I will keep the experience with me for the rest of my life. I learned a lot and really felt like I gave back to the community.”

“My time was well spent and I am proud to say that I have continued my volunteer work at St. Benedict’s and I also have my two sons volunteering for the summer.”

“Because it was a fulfilling experience that made me feel good about myself, while helping others.”

“It is the best feeling, being able to give back to a community and make a difference in a child’s life.”