Hands-on careers empower you to make a tangible impact, to create, to build, and to heal. When you embrace hands-on work, you’re not just studying theory, but actively shaping your future. The satisfaction that comes from seeing your efforts manifest in the physical world is immeasurable. So, unleash your potential and dive into careers that let you roll up your sleeves and get to work, because the most fulfilling and empowering careers are often the ones that involve getting your hands dirty.

Brookdale Degree Programs

Automotive Technology Program, Automotive Engineering Technician Option, A.A.S.

Automotive Technology Program, Automotive Technology Option, A.A.S.

Automotive Technology Program, General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program, A.A.S.

Culinary Arts Program, A.A.S.

Culinary Arts Academic Credit Certificate

Pastry Arts Academic Credit Certificate

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